Monday, February 18, 2013

Moody Mondays....{frock style}

Time for another edition of 'Moody Monday'!
(Thanks to these I am actually starting to look forward to Mondays now... never thought I would see the day...  =)

Today's board is brought to us by my ultra- talented mother.  
Take it away, Frock!

Thank you Lily!  Today's board is all about COMFY.  I envision curling up on the sofa in my worn out sweat pants, my hubby's oversized jean shirt and my fluffy slippers, watching another episode of Downton Abby... for the third time (admittedly a recent addiction of mine... thank you very much Lily for introducing me to Downton).
Of course this scene is completed with the sipping of wine of some wonderful English Tea.  Aaahhhh yes.... Serenity at it's best. 

Future Great Room

Future Great Room by tami-simplelivingdesign on Polyvore

Many times my clients have asked me what my personal style is.  I'd have to say that this room, at least today, is my style.  Tomorrow may be a whole different story as I enjoy a wide variety of styles and find myself too easily bored with my surroundings. However, what I love about this room is it's timeworn brick wall, the inconsistencies and natural distressing on the hardwood floors, and a mixture of furniture that is as cozy and comfy as my slippers.  And lets not forget about the color palette.  It is a calm, quiet color scheme (at least in my opinion).  Who doesn't long for more calm and quiet?  I know I do!

So there you have it... my mood for Monday.  Quite honestly... even to my surprise...this room/ color scheme may last as a favorite for at least another week or two. :)

Thank you Frock!!  This is SO, so, so beautiful!  Can I come over and watch Downton  and drink tea with you in there?  
My momma has got some serious talent, folks.

What about you?  Do you have certain colors and/ or fabrics that seem to calm you?  I would love to hear from you!

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